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RE: Is it Veritas or is it smoke and mirrors? again

From: Michael Kline <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 09:14:34 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Even more scary was that when checking the readme.txt file, the last version mentioned as being supported with "backup exec" agent is 8.1.5... The exec says it's version 5.0.1, but the Readme says 1.2 for NT.

I was told this morning, "Oh yea, I never configured the agent yet..."

This is a "potential new customer" that we hope to take on for tuning and DBA work.. They are not sure if they are doing all the right things...

Trying to find a politically correct way to say, "Uh... NO! You're not."

I'm like those who say "I'm from Missouri, show me." If they can back up, if they can keep it 100% invisible, they need to prove to me that one can actually recover. To me these are "cold backups" taken on a LIVE database and someone would have to prove to me differently.

When I was "Ops Mgr" my operators once stopped doing backups because it "took too long"... I put up a 10 foot banner that said "NO BACKUP IS EXACTLY THAT!" and said if it ever happened again, I'd be glad help them find a job.

Except for shear stupidity from induhviduals I've not lost a table or database in years.

And on those following, I think Oracle is migrating towards the RMAN interface for Legato and Veritas as the "preferred" method... I've just finished a Legato site with about 10-15 databases and once you get all the wrinkles ironed out, it works pretty slick. I've even got the RMAN cleaning itself out based on what Legato wants to keep retention wise. If Legato purges it, so do I from RMAN. It's not bad.

Legato came to put it under the scheduler and when he saw what all my scripts were doing including emailing the reports and tracking things, they kept my scripts and decided that they did better than using the scheduler. They weren't all that much magic, but a LOT of help from Robert's book... THANKS ROBERT!


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> Michael Kline wrote:
> There seems to be some big confusion if Veritas is
> working or not...


> Recovery has NEVER been tested.
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The two are related. If recovery has never been properly tested, you don't know if your backups (veritas, rman, ksh/sql scripts) are working. Period. End of story. I've encountered enough software/hardware problems to not trust that an 'error free' backup will be recoverable.

If the database is not being taken down, or tablespaces are not being put into backup mode, or RMAN is not being used, I'd suspect that none of the backups are recoverable.

Daniel "The DBA's job is not to backup the database, but to recover it." Fink

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