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Re[2]: Recent reports on outages caused by DB2 and 9iRAC issues

From: Robert Eskridge <>
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 13:00:29 -0500
Message-Id: <>

Not only should you confess to what you did promptly, confess to everything else too. If you do that often enough they quit believing you.... }:-)


O> I've only made one mistake in my life and that was the time when I O> thought I was wrong. ;-)

O> OK, getting serious... I've found it's best to QUICKLY be 100% truthful.
O> If you get crucified for it then it may be that damagement needs to
O> lighten up. Unfortunately the fear of damagement causes wheel spinning
O> work-arounds to compromises of the facts. ;-)

O> I once inadvertently brought a 24X7 production system down by shutting
O> down a test database that was "managed" by Veritas Cluster Server junk.
O> A hands on type director had added it to the cluster without telling me
O> so when I shut down the test database the cluster stuff tried to fail
O> over and everything came crashing down. I got the blame so it was a real
O> "cluster-f***" because the damager wouldn't accept any responsibility
O> for this episode. Later he decided to change some Unix stuff all on his
O> own and the result was that the system was down quite some time. He as
O> rather cavalier about the outage and danced around the truth. Ultimately
O> his prevarications caught up with him and he was "dismissed" on the O> spot. "Justice" was served.
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O> I always admit when I make a mistake. Gives me much more credibility O> when I say "this time it ISN'T me" Received on Fri Jul 18 2003 - 13:00:29 CDT

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