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RE: [Q] Shutdown database on LINUX redhat AS 2.1 problem?

From: Jesse, Rich <>
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2003 10:44:38 -0700
Message-ID: <>

So THAT'S where that is! I've been wondering why my K scripts don't run. But, after talking with a co-worker, wouldn't it be better to just "touch /var/lock/subsys/oracle" in the startup and conditionally remove it (using "-f") in the stop of the oracle script in /etc/init.d ? That way, you won't be "hacking" into Linux, which is a hack already IMHO along with all other Unixes, but at least you won't be breaking anything else in the process.

Just my $.02,

Rich Jesse                           System/Database Administrator
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> From: Mladen Gogala [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Sent: Friday, July 04, 2003 12:34 AM
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> Subject: Re: [Q] Shutdown database on LINUX redhat AS 2.1 problem?
> Yup! Linux != Slowaris. Slowaris executes K* in /etc/init.d/rc5.d
> unconditionally. Linux has the following code in /etc/rc.d/rc
> script (the
> one that executes "run level" initialization);
> [ -f /var/lock/subsys/$subsys -o -f
> /var/lock/subsys/$subsys.init ] \
> || continue
> which means that if the "activation file" doesn't exist in
> /var/lock/subsys,
> the "continue" command will be executed and the loop will
> immediately jump to
> the next iteration. Take out that line and K* scripts will be
> executed
> unconditionally, just as on Slowaris. That is just a little
> bit of good ol'
> Linux hacking.
> On 2003.07.03 14:19, mike mon wrote:
> > We are doing ORACLE 9ir2 database migration from SUN
> > to LINUX Redhar AS
> > 2.1. I setupp /etc/init.d/dbora, /etc/oratab,
> > /etc/rc5.d/K10dbora and
> > /etc/rc5.d/S99dbora. I can dbstart and dbshut without
> > problem. When
> > system boot up, it also bring startup
> > /etc/rc5.d/S99dbora. The problem I
> > have is when system shutdonw (shutdown now -r), it
> > does NOT run
> > /etc/rc5.d/K10dbora to shutdown database. Does
> > anyone know why?
> >
> > Thanks.

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