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Re: OEM 9i - saving/copying reports between repositories

From: Kaing, Leng <>
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 18:08:58 -0700
Message-ID: <>

I've looked under oem_webstage and other directories but can't seem to find the files. oem_webstage has the index.html that shows the RESULTANT HTML of executing the report, but not the actual code to generate the report.

Have since logged a call to Oracle Support. Hope they come up with an answer rather than just the usual "not possible". Seems like I always get this reply with any questions relating to OEM. This thing looks good on the surface but if you try to do anything complicated...

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the files are stored in oem_webstage directory you will have to copy these files to the other location and give the path. As you must be knowing the oem reporting server should have the management server running on the same machine.
when you remove default reporting from the console it doesnt remove from the operating system side.
You can disable that report so that it doesnt show up on the webpage.

"Kaing, Leng" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: G'day all,

I've create a number of custom reports in one of our OMS and would copy them into another OMS. How does one go about doing this? Where are the reports stored? Is there a file that we can copy around?

Or if we look at the problem in another way - OEM itself comes with a number of predefined reports. What if I accidentally removed it from my OMS? How do I get it back? Can we export and import OEM reports somehow? Or is there a file we can tell the OMS about? I don't really want to export and import the whole OEM schema. I just want certain reports to be copied from one OMS into another.

TIA, Leng.


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