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RE: Migrating 8i OPS to RAC 9.2

Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 22:59:13 -0700
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A Basic Qs

Do the 2 Sets of Redo Log groups belonging to the different instances undergo Migration from 8i to 9i ?
If so , how are the Online Redo Log groups individually Migrated from 8i to 9i ?

Could NOT find any reference to individual Redo Log groups getting migrated in the Docs.


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Hi Vivek,

In terms of technical, there is not much difference in normal database upgrade from 8i to 9i and OPS to RAC upgrade. You just need to install the 9i RAC software in the cluster and upgrade the database.

But on the other side, Oracle does not see the OPS to RAC transformation as a MIGRATION or UPGRADE. They treat them as two different software components and you need to have a separate licence for RAC, that means you can not upgrade your OPS licence to RAC licence.

Other than the installation/upgrade issues, RAC tuning requires deeper understandings of the cache fusion and the GCS,GES internals. For example, the cache fusion will not happen after certain number of lock converts/downgrade-upgrades and it will use DISK to tranfer the blocks between instances.

Based on the nautre of the database and the workload, you may want to incrase or decrease the number of times a block can be trasfered over the wire and decide after X number of wire transfers, you can force the disk transfer.

But you can still use the GC_FILES_TO_LOCKS parameters in the RAC instances if you know your application very well and I have seen the GC parameters in some of the Oracle TPC benchmarks.

And the other interesting thing in RAC is the CR copies are created by the owner, not the requester. But in OPS the CR copy will be created by the requester and the owner has no responsibility other than just downgrading the locks (X to NULL). Like this there are so many small small things are changed in RAC comparing with OPS and some of the basic OPS concepts are no longer valid in RAC (and RAC Tuning).

Good luck for your RAC Migration and do let us know if you have faced any of the complexities in the upgrade/migration/or whatever..

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