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Re: ora-4030 out of memory error

From: Manoj Kumar Jha <>
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 22:11:20 -0700
Message-ID: <>


PGA grows by using the malloc() or sbrk() system calls to extend the heap data segment for process. The new operating system vertual memory is then added to the PGA heap as a new extent. These extents are only a few kilobytes in size , and Oracle may allocate thousands of them if necessary.
There are, however, operating system limits on the growth of the heap data segment of a process. In most cases the default limit is set by an OS kernel parameter(MAXDSIZ). In some cases the default can be changewd on a per-process basis. There is also system-wide limit on the total virtual memory size of all processes. That limit is related to the amount of swap space available. If either of these limit is exceeded, then the Orcale process concerned will return an ORA-4030 error. This error is only rarely dua to the per-process resource limit, and normally indicates a shortage of swap spce. To diagnose the problem use the OS facility to report swap space usage. On some OS Oracle includes a small utility called maxmem which can be used to check the maximum heap data segment size that a process can allocate, and which which limit is being hit first.
If the problem is shortage of swap space, and if paging activity is moderate or heavy, then attempt to reduce the system-wide virtual memory usage. either by reducing the process count or by reducing the per-process memory usage. Otherwise, if paging activity is light or nill, you should increase the swap space or if OS supports it, enable the the use of virtual or pseudo swap space.

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  Post the query to
  the list. Just maybe it could tuned or give us an idea of what's going   on.
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    I have a user receiving this
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