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Re: MS Access as a front-end to Oracle DB

From: Rodd Holman <>
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 14:23:10 -0700
Message-ID: <>

I haven't worked with MSAccess to Oracle stuff lately, but it used to be that the ODBC stuff pulled A LOT of background crap in addition to what was needed for the query. And, yes, Access did a lot of the processing locally. The way I got around this was that I either used passthrough queries (Access takes the query typed as is and sends it to the server for processing) or I used Oracle Objects for OLE. Using OO4OLE you can use VBA to specifiy more explicityly what you want the server to do for you. It opens up the full power of Oracle under the Microsoft Office/VB interface. Check the docs on OO4OLE. It's a very nice toolset when working with MSOffice apps.

On Fri, 2003-06-20 at 16:44, Gurelei wrote:
> Hi all:
> I have been hearing from many people that MS Access is
> bad as a front-end tool because it tends to do data
> processing on the clien side instead of the DB side
> thus moving way too much data over the network.
> Assuming that this is correct, what is the mechanism
> of this? If I execute a simple query like:
> select f1, f2 from t1
> where f3='X';
> is MS access going to copy the whole table t1 to my
> machine and only show the rows with f3 equal to 'X'?
> Am I misinderstanding it?
> tia
> Gene
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