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Re: Look's like Larry's at it again...

From: Daniel Fink <>
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 13:20:08 -0700
Message-ID: <>

I figured he try for something closer to home...say Oragon?

Then Bill would want to buy Mississippi (postal abreviation MS for our non-us listers).

"Jesse, Rich" wrote:
> Oracle Makes Bid to Buy State of Delaware
> Software giant willing to assume state's $225 million deficit in exchange
> for
> legislative control, naming rights
> Wilmington, DE - Oracle CEO Larry Ellison today announced his intention to
> purchase the state of Delaware for $300 million in cash and Oracle stock.
> The
> move comes on the heels of Oracle's bid for rival software firm PeopleSoft,
> and is the first time that an offer has been made to buy a U.S. territory.
> Delaware governor Ruth Ann Minner responded to the bid with shock and seemed
> certain that the hostile takeover could be avoided.
> "Oracle's bid comes as a big surprise to the government and people of
> Delaware", said Minner at a press conference. "At this point, we are
> checking
> into whether or not a company, such as Oracle, can buy a state, and whether
> or
> not Delaware is actually for sale."
> Oracle's announcement sent shockwaves through the political and economic
> landscape. Oracle shares dropped 8% immediately following the announcement,
> only to rebound and break even for the day, with heavy volume being traded.
> Meanwhile, government officials in Washington scrambled to look into the
> legality of such a purchase, and who actually currently owns Delaware.
> In an afternoon press conference, Ellison seemed certain that Oracle would
> own
> Delaware in the near future.
> "The fact is that the state of Delaware is in a budget crisis that it can
> not
> resolve. Oracle's bid will immediately pump $300 million into the state
> budget, and (Oracle) will also be assuming all current Delaware debt. Call
> this a 'hostile takeover' if you must, but the people of this great state
> deserve a better future, and I will be able to give them just that."
> President Bush, who was giving a speech to coal miners in Kentucky, called
> the
> Oracle bid "interesting" and added that "49 states would be easier for me to
> handle than 50".
> Ellison rival Tom Siebel called the move "typical", and added "Larry thinks
> he
> can take over the world, and I guess he thinks this is a good place to
> start.
> I personally would have targeted Vermont."
> Ellison defended his decision, citing fourteen state parks, a minor league
> baseball franchise, an annual Nascar race in Dover, and the annual Great
> Delaware Kite Festival as reasons that Delaware is primed for success.
> "Delaware is a state rich in tradition and excitement. None of the existing
> festivals or events will be changed. I mean, who doesn't love minor league
> baseball and kites?"
> If the takeover bid is successful, Ellison plans to place several Oracle
> executives in key state government positions, and is considering re-naming
> the
> state either New Ellison or OracleLand.
> [Couldn't resist, Jared! Hope it's not too OT!]
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