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Re: Upgrade gotchas -> on Windows

From: Ed Lewis <>
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 07:11:11 -0700
Message-ID: <>

    Just a follow-up question.

I've set the ORA_SID_PFILE parameter in the
registry, but do not <FONT face=Arial
size=2>use a password file.
When I start up the database <FONT
face=Arial size=2>it looks for the
PFILE in the default directory instead of the path
specified in the registry. So, I'm required to
provide the  "pfile= " in my startup command, or
place the "pfile" in the default

From what I understand, the value of
in the registry will be used at database startup
automatically, so the "pfile = " parameter is
not required.<FONT face=Arial
size=2> Is this correct ?

I've checked metalink, but have been
in finding a solution.

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  Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 2003 12:40
  Subject: Upgrade gotchas -> on Windows   

  Thought I'd let you know since a couple of people   are planning upgrades to 9.2 on Windows (that I've heard from) - here's the   gotchas I ran into with my upgrade.  The databases were fine but other   stuff broke, of course.
  After upgrading, there's crap left in the registry   that refers to the older version of Oracle.  Backup Exec doesn't like   that.  I had to delete the old oracle_home out of the registry and   reboot. Suddenly all my backups were working.  Of course I only run one   oracle_home so I was able to remove this entry without consequence.   Also, the install doesn't set the right path for   SQLPATH:  it sets it to a unix directory, \dbs.  Once I changed it   to OH\bin, my perl scripts were able to connect to sqlplus. They were failing   before...
  It also doesn't set ORA_sid_PWFILE at all.    This value needs to be there and be correct if you want to run startup without   specifying the pfile on the command line.   I'm not getting any emails from the list for some   reason so I don't know if this will be well received... but I hope this helps   at least one person.
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