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Re: Anyone using EMC Clarion Cx400 in a RAC environment?

From: Steve Perry <>
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 16:16:22 -0700
Message-ID: <>

I can't speak for Clariion on Sun,
but I support Win2K/Oracle 8.1.7  on a Clariion fc4700  and Sym 8530. 
The sym has been great. The Clariion
is pretty good, but is a bit slower than the sym.  It's much easier to manage though.
It hasn't quite lived up the promise
of being able to upgrade it without shutting down. there were 2 instances where something that should be a hot upgrade crashed our system. Another time a flare upgrade required me to update all the clients which required me to reboot them. Even with these issues, I'm very happy with our EMC hardware.
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One last story.
I ran into an interesting issue with
the Clariion last Wednesday. I just setup a new QA server and needed to test the snap start command that runs on all of our servers attached to the Clariion. To my surprise, and everyone in the Dev and QA, it caused the Clariion to reboot and pulling the drives out from all attached systems. I have dual paths setup on it, but Powerpath won't help you when both processors get rebooted. EMC couldn't believe it, so when their engineer got there, I ran the script on another server and all was well. I then ran it on the new server and sure enough - it rebooted. After getting no answer from them, I uninstalled and reinstalled the ADMsnap software and it worked without rebooting.  go figure.
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I'm more inclined to blame MS and not
EMC for the problems ;)

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  Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2003 12:09
  Subject: Anyone using EMC Clarion Cx400   in a RAC environment?   

  Looking at purchasing an EMC Clarion Cx400 for our 2 Sun Fire   280R  Solaris 9 machines.

  Wondering if anyone is currently using this Storage system and how it   performs. Any outstanding issues/concerns we should know about. Did  your   system admin attend a class on taking care of this storage solution? We will   be running Veritas Database Edition for Oracle 9i R2  RAC.

  I am gonna attend the Oracle RAC class offered by Oracle   and the system administrator will attend the Veritas class.

  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  Many Thanks,

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