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RE: exchange partition in 9.2

From: Jacques Kilchoer <>
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 16:09:31 -0700
Message-ID: <>

Did you say alter table exchange partition ... validate or alter table exchange partition ... novalidate? If you say novalidate then Oracle will sort the exchange table to make sure that you are not creating duplicate rows for the PK constraint. There is a Metalink note on that.
Does the table have a PK enforced by a locally partitioned unique index? Any global indexes?
What options did you have on the exchange partition statement?

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> From: Gurelei [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> We are having an interesting issue with the exchange
> partition command in our shop. We are running oracle
> 9202 on AIX 5l. The exchange partition command used
> to take about 1 sec (or less) in our old environmen
> (oracle 81 Dynix 4.3.3). Now the same operation takes
> about a minute and creates a ton of IO. an Oracle rep
> said that this has to do something with the way
> exchange partition now treats primary and unique keys.
> Recently however a DBA on my team did 4 exchanges in a
> row between the same two tables. First one took about
> 45s and did a lot of IO. next one took almost no time
> and no IO (and it did move the data), the next one -
> again 45s and IOs, the fourth one - no time again.
> Does any one has any experience with this issue and
> may be can shed some light on it.

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