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Re: Oracle 9i vs SQL Server

From: Mark Richard <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 17:05:36 -0700
Message-ID: <>

The bitter person in me suggests the answer will depend on which list you ask. Asking an Oracle list may provide a resounding "No - it will choke and die", whilst asking a SQL Server list may be slightly more positive. I don't work with SQL Server myself but from what I've heard lately the product is getting better and better with each release and may well be up to the task. Obviously hardware will play a big part as well - although 50 client connections doesn't sound like a lot. I suspect it will depend a bit on how often your 20,000 objects post their status to the database and how much historical data you expect to maintain within the pimary database.

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I know this topic has come up before on the list, so I hesitate to kick it again.(I hesitated?I didn't say I wouldn't :)

I know there are cost issues, as well as skill set questions (do you have Oracle skills/MS skills) in house.
My company has an App that runs on Ms2000 OS. (Dbase connections through ADO/OCI). It is capable of using Oracle 8i/9i or

SQL Server 2000 on the backend for the database. Clients have the option, though we 'recommend' for the higher volume clients.

The app receives status information from objects. There can be anywhere from 50 objects with 3 clients stations active all the way to 20,000 plus objects with 50+ client stations active. It's mainly OLTP in nature, with daily batch reporting.

I'm and Oracle DBA who is learning MS SQL Server 2000 (because I'll have to support customer issues with our app.) I have confidence that Oracle will handle the load, but what about Sql Server 2000? I remember reading about read write contention issues with SQL Server, is that still a problem? What are the weakness/problem issues with SQL Server?

Any opinions/comments would be welcome.
TIA David P.
Oracle 8i DBA
SQL Server DBA in training (yuck)


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