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shared memory issues in

From: Sai Selvaganesan <>
Date: Sat, 07 Jun 2003 11:08:31 -0700
Message-ID: <>

we have upgraded a database from on aix 4.3 to on 5l and was running fine for the past two weeks.
it all started day-before-yesterday when job queue coordinator started thrwoing 4031 errora and dbwr crashed eventually. we increased the shared pool and again the crash happened the next day.

in 8i the shared memory was 120M and i had a shared memory of 200Mb initally in 9i (dont know why??) ,later increased to 300mb after the first crash,then to 650mb after the second crash(oracle's suggestion).oracle send me some events to be set in init.ota for 4031 errors and the trace that generated it seems has very little info to debug..not surprised..job queue coordinator,apparently wakes up every 5 seconds and there is some bug filed regarding excessive usage of sga by job queue coordinator. oracle suggested about the _job_queue_interval parameter and i went ahead and put that in setting it to the same value as in 8i. oracle sent me a script which added sharable_mem from v$db_objcect_cache and v$sqlarea and told me that i have to double the shared memeory. i dont hv a clue though i think this is not a right way to check the shared pool size. also the application is the same.nothing has changed and the number of processes in the database at any point of time is less than 50!!! does 9i require 5 times the size of share pool of 8i ????
has anyone faced this kind of issue? i have been sitting in front of the system for the past two days trying to figure out what is happening? cant question oracle..but why really mess around with job queue processes when that simple daemon has been working fine in all versions?

anycase,gurus please help me out on this.


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Author: Sai Selvaganesan

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