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Re: Shite of the day (now 9i upgrade)

From: Binley Lim <>
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 11:42:46 -0700
Message-ID: <>

It is worry-free if you follow the upgrade instructions, and not skip around like you appear to have done.

Did you run u0801070.sql at all? Did you check for any errors it might have produced? Both your errors indicate there was a problem in that area.

Where did you dig COMPATIBLE = 9.0.2 from? There's no such release. Mere details, but details are important in a manual upgrade.

If you decide to back-down COMPATIBLE to 8.1.7, did you run the downgrade script, check the outputs and follow the instructions? You need to do the following in order:

If the database is in noarchivelog, isn't it reasonable that archivelogs do not exist? As for dropping redologs, eeeek!

> Oh-My-Gosh.
> Worry free? I just upgraded another database to 9.2. When I set
the COMPATIBLE parm to 9.0.2 (or 9.2, which would make sense) I get really messy errors:
> ORA-00402: database changes by release cannot be used by release
> 135294976
> ORA-01571: redo version incompatible with ORACLE version
> So then I tried to set it back to 8.1.7, or comment out COMPATIBLE
altogether, and I get the same type of error. It won't open at all.
> I tried initiating recovery. This database is in noarc mode. It starts
looking for arclogs that *do not* exist. I also tried to drop the redo log groups and recreate them. Still, no dice.
> Again, unbreakable my FUNDAMENT.
> So has anyone seen this before? I opened a tar yesterday and promptly
confused support.
> Lisa

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