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RE: Those installing Oracle 9i on AIX 5.2L

From: April Wells <>
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 11:17:48 -0800
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But it is on disk 1 of the installation set for 5L!  

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Here was what my SA (Claus) sent me when I asked him what we did special to AIX that Oracle required:    

Standard 5.2 installation with 64-bit support and the basic JFS filesystem. Graphics were included (Oracle needs X windows).

Only extra thing to install was bos.adt.libm. Oracle needs libm.a but the Base Application Development Math Library
(bos.adt.libm) is not installed by default.


Hope this helps!

Hi all,

If you are installing or upgrading 9202/9203 on AIX 5.2L (64Bit), do you have a list of APARS that _must_ be installed?

I am talking about regatta (p690) servers if that matters ...

Thanks in advance

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