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Re: question about large pool (now NetApp)

From: Binley Lim <>
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 03:49:39 -0800
Message-ID: <>

For NetApp, the key thing is the number, and speed (100Mbit or 1Gbit?), of network I/O cards connecting to the NFS server. Mount points are irrelevant as they could all be going over the same I/O channel.

There is a NetApp performance paper that recommends a number of things to tweak for performance, including using multiple IO slaves/DBWRs, rather than asynch_io. Check with your vendor. However, it comes with a disclaimer - do your own tests as it may not apply. I ended up using asynch_io as there was a 10-15% improvement over multiple slaves. In the scheme of things, this is a minor issue.

Things that you normally spend a lot of time on like striping and distributing IO are no longer meaningful. After all, you bought a storage server to take care of such things for you. What will kill you are the things you never have to worry about in a DAS configuration. Like:

Some other things that cannot be changed in a hurry:

Sounds like sysadm type of issues? Yes, it does. If your sysadm (or boss) is good enough to take care of all of these for you, great. In practise, I find that seldom happens.

> you only want DBWR_IO_SLAVES or multiple DBWRn if you have datafiles spread over multiple I/O points correct? We are using 'Network Appliance' hard disk array that Im not all that familiar with. It looks like we have 3 I/O points and 5 mount points.
> my boss told me that striping data files and redo log files across the I/O points wotn help because there is only 1-2 I/O cards(forget the exact, I hope it isnt hard for anyone to figure out what Im referring to) on the server itself.
> This does not sound accurate. Since Ive read several books and all say to stripe the files?
> btw, thanks for the info on the large pool. I can free up about 300MB of memory we aer wasting on that and the java pool for other areas.

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