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RMAN reports

From: Jim Neugebauer <>
Date: Tue, 03 Jun 2003 12:49:38 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Hello everyone,
I am woundering if anyone on the list has scripts written to create backup reports for all databases registered in an RMAN catalog directly from the RMAN catalog tables. I am looking for advice on the simplest way to report on the status of backups for many, many enterprise databases.. I do not want to run reports through rman for each instance.. I would like to query the rc_* tables directly to gather information about the success or failure of every database backed up to the catalog on a daily basis... I want this information on one daily report that will identify all successful backups, all failed backups, and all backups that did not run for any reason. I am finding it difficult to cull this information based on the rman catalog tables.. each backup contains dozens of pieces and each can fail or succeeed on it's own and therefore constitute the failure of the overall job..Also, the data, controlfile, and archivelogs are all seperate backups but all must succeed in order!  t!
o be valid. the other complication is that backups run at different times and I could be looking at an incomplete view of backup data at any given time.. The report would have to take this into account as well. As you can tell this reporting is not a trivial task but I am hoping someone out there has tackled this issue in some creative way... I cannot believe that oracle does not offer a more comprehensive consolidated view for all backups.. maybe I am missing something key here but so far it has been a real pain to keep track of all the backups running in our enterprise.  

TIA   Jim

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