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Re: SQL Loader

From: Pradeep Kumar G <>
Date: Tue, 03 Jun 2003 02:59:51 -0800
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When I queried the table to which SQL Loader loaded data from the .dat file, the first record in the table was the 50000th record and 49999,49998...........

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I think the query is displaying data from the table in the order in which rows were inserted by SQL*Loader.
Whereas, the query to read the same data from the external table is reading the file from the first physical record. So it appears reversed..

Stephen Andert <> wrote:  Pradeep,

 I don't know what you mean when you say SQL*Loader is "starting from  the 50,000th record and going up". If there are 50k records, are you  saying it is not loading them? Or is it reading them from 50,000 then  49,999 (i.e. in revers order)? How are you determining what order  they
 are being read?

 Regarding external tables, the way they work is by reading the file  from the first block to either the end or till it finds what it  needs.
 Thus, external tables will read in the order the records are in the  file.

 I stand ready for my ramblings to be corrected by anyone who can  explain better :)


>>> 06/01/03 10:35PM >>>

 Dear All,

 I don't know whether SQL Loader behaves like this always or for me  only. I am loading a .dat file which has 50000 records.  I noticed that S! QL loader is starting from the 50,000th record and  going upwards, while external tables is starting from the 1st record  and going downwards.

 Could somebody help me confirming this?


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