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RE: Need help

From: Jankovic, Djordje <>
Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2003 10:34:40 -0800
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I have done some test before and found out that analyze is faster than dbms_stats for smaller tables only (less than 10M) - and the difference was not that big (for example very small tables dbms_stats would do a compute instead of estimate). For large tables they are pretty much the same. And this is comparing dbms_stats working in serial mode. You can do stuff in parallel which could change the picture in dbms_stats favor.  

dbms_stats is more accurate (since its introduction incorrect statistics gathering was discovered for ANALYZE), it supports better granularity control (partitions, subpartitions). Using dbms_stats you can also export and import statistics: save the old statistics before the run and reuse the old statistics in case you don't like the new ones.  

There are a number of other advantages: treating stale tables, automatic estimate sample size, collecting histogram info only for skewed columns (at least the ones that oracle thinks are skewed). Using dbms_stats you can also collect system stats.  

And analyze is not depreciated in 9i.  

AFAIK the only things dbms_stats does not do are: finding chained/migrated rows, computing cluster statistics, and validating the structure.  


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Hi all,

         Can anyone tell me which of the following performs better in collecting statistics of a table:  Analyze command or

      I tried my queries with both the options -- but always Analyze is out-performing the dbms_stats. But i read in a document that Dbms_stats performs better !! Besides I also read that Analyze command will be deprecated from Oracle 9i.  

 So can anyone tell me why dbms_stats is performing poor...  Are there any paramters that need to be set to increase the performace of dbms_stats ?  

Thanks in advance.  



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