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RE: cannot allocate new log

From: Nuala Cullen <>
Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2003 08:24:50 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Hi Denis,

Thanks for the quick reply,

We're not getting an oracle error no: This is the message in the alert log Mon Jun 02 08:19:19 2003
Thread 1 cannot allocate new log, sequence 711 All online logs needed archiving
  Current log# 2 seq# 710 mem# 0: D:\ORACLE\ORADATA\GDA\GDA_21.LOG   Current log# 2 seq# 710 mem# 1: E:\ORACLE\ORADATA\GDA\GDA_22.LOG

The event log has a similar message.

Our database is in archivelogmode
log_archive_start = True

Space is not an issue on the drive - there's at least 10 gigs free. Disk access and write permissions are ok as it seems to write some of the logs but then stops!
I checked this by doing an alter system switch logfile - to force a write - which was successful.

Any other suggestions are appreciated,


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:->Sent: 02 June 2003 15:37
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:->Subject: RE: cannot allocate new log
:->Nuala - You didn't include your error number, so the
:->following are some
:->guesses: Is your database in archivelogmode? Check the path
:->to the archive
:->logs and make sure that drive hasn't filled. For the logs
:->themselves, check
:->the paths and permissions.
:->Dennis Williams
:->DBA, 80%OCP, 100% DBA
:->Lifetouch, Inc.
:->-----Original Message-----
:->From: Nuala Cullen []
:->Sent: Monday, June 02, 2003 9:20 AM
:->To: Multiple recipients of list ORACLE-L
:->Subject: cannot allocate new log
:->Hi All,
:->I keep getting a cannot allocate new log in the alert log.
:->This freezes the
:->entire application and I am unable to connect to oracle in
:->order to do a
:->statspack snap shot.
:->This is an upgrade to Version set up on a WK2000
:->(NEW) Server with 2
:->gigs of memory.
:->We are writing to 3 separate disks
:->Our D&E drives are RAID 0+1. The log files (including
:->application logs) are
:->written to these drives
:->The F drive is raid 5 - this is where our data resides. (No
:->logs are written
:->to the F drive)
:->Currently we have 4 groups of redo log files
:-> group 1 ('d:\oracle\oradata\gda\gda_11.log',
:-> 'e:\oracle\oradata\gda\gda_12.log')
:->size 20M reuse,
:-> group 2 ('d:\oracle\oradata\gda\gda_21.log',
:-> 'e:\oracle\oradata\gda\gda_22.log')
:->size 20M reuse,
:-> group 3 ('d:\oracle\oradata\gda\gda_31.log',
:-> 'e:\oracle\oradata\gda\gda_32.log')
:->size 20M reuse,
:-> group 4 ('d:\oracle\oradata\gda\gda_41.log',
:-> 'e:\oracle\oradata\gda\gda_42.log')
:->size 20M reuse
:->and we archive to e:\oracle\arc\gda
:->These are our log settings from the init.ora
:->log_buffer = 131072
:->log_checkpoint_interval = 100000000
:->log_checkpoint_timeout = 0
:->I have the performance monitor running the whole time and
:->when this happens
:->the CPU, DISK QUE LENGTH all look normal.
:->I have read the archive files regarding this error but
:->thought that the
:->above set-up was sufficient.
:->Can anybody *please* give me some idea of what other areas I
:->should be
:->looking at in order to prevent the error from occurring.
:->Would writing smaller files help? Disk space is not an issue.
:->Thanks - all advice appreciated,
:->(developer/part-time DBA)
:->Nuala Cullen
:->30 Park Gate
:->Milton Park
:->OX14 4SH
:->Phone: +44 (0) 1235 838151
:->Fax: +44 (0) 1235 838160
:->Direct Line: +44 (0) 1235 838147

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