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Re: RMAN:To use or not to use a recovery catalog

From: Ron Rogers <>
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 06:06:26 -0800
Message-ID: <>

 I use RMAN with a recovery catalog in this setup. Production and development servers OS = OpenVMS. RMAN control and schedule pc OS = LINUX. The production server "PROD" contains the data I want to protect. The development server "DEV" is my second server that contains 2 instances DEV and RMAN.
For ease of control and implementation I use the Linux pc to connect to the target "PROD" and catalog "RMAN" instances and back the data up to disk on the PROD server. The nightly tape backup copies the backup data to tape for recovery purposes is needed. Each week the old backup is deleted from disk to free up space after the new full backup is completed by RMAN and backed up to tape. Weekly I also do a full export of the RMAN instance from the development server to the production server for the backup to tape. With this method of using two servers, target and catalog, The recovery info is on a different server reducing the chances of complete loss of data in the event of a catastrofic event. The tapes are housed offsite also. With using the recovery catalog option on a second server you are better protecting your recovery data.
 Of course the second server also requires an Oracle license as you have to have an Oracle instance to run it on. I never could quite figure why you had to purchase an additional license just to use the data protection option that is supplied free. Ron

>>> 04/29/03 07:51PM >>>
All,I need some to use or not to use a recovery catalog via RMAN. Currently our system does not use a recovery catalog and backs up via veritas netbackup using a script ( I supplied it ). I have little RMAN experience and want to know if people are creating recovery catalog on the same system as they are backing up. Any advised would be most welcomed. Thanks in advanced. Lizz

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