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NT4 to W2000

From: Drake, Paul <>
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2003 18:21:39 -0800
Message-ID: <>

 From: Jerome Roa <>
 Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2003 13:30:16 -0500
 Subject: NT4 to W2000

Are there any complications from upgrading the OS from NT4 to 2000 with an Oracle server V8.1.7.4?



Full cold backup, or hot backup + copy off all archived redo logs and the online redo logs after the instance has been shutdown. An export would be desireable. Copy them off of the filesystem, in case you have issues with your RAID controller adapter drivers. If the server is made by Dell, I would seriously reconsider performing an upgrade from NT4 to W2K - wipe the OS partition and install a fresh OS. This is not intended as a slight on Dell, it is based on past experiences - while working with Dell support. I have not had any issues with Compaq/HP RAID controller drivers during OS upgrades. The last thing that you want to see is "BOOT DEVICE NOT FOUND".

If you had multiple ip addresses (especially with multiple NICs) and static IPs in the listener.ora file - you may find that the listener service
(default name OracleOraHome81TNSListener) fails to start. Drop back to a
single IP address bound to a single NIC and you won't have any issues - add the other IP addresses back in later.
If you are simply using a netbios name in the listener.ora file, you should have no issues.

Make sure that all oracle services are stopped and set to manual, as you will have multiple reboots.

After the OS is installed - I would apply service pack 3. Burn it to CDROM or copy it to the local filesystem ahead of time so that you don't have to copy it over the network.

Do not connect the server to a network until after you have installed the latest service pack and configured your virus protection software. Apply all relevant hotfixes (and reboot) prior to restarting the oracle services.

Set the oracle services back from manual to automatic.


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