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RE: Opinions request - Oracle on WIN2K vs Unix

From: Boivin, Patrice J <>
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2003 07:30:33 -0800
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Sounds like a technocrat is building a career out of managing more staff...


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I used to work for a place that changed with the latest fad - or as you said
"challenged" you.

At one time, they had a small staff of highly skilled unix admins and dbas. Then, they hired this shmuck that subscribed to Gartner. When Gartner said SQL Server was getting better, we bought it and started a slow process to migrate things there, When Oracle was hot again, we backed off moving away from it. When IBM and UDB were mentioned for being scalable and cheaper than Oracle, we bought it. It was that way for hardware too. If IBM pissed them off, SUN was brought in. Get the picture??? After about 5 years, that small Unix/Oracle staff had grown to 3 camps of admins/DBAs. All fighting and trying to maneuver their platform into the
"most favored" status. The groups didn't care too much for either (i.e. a
lot of sniping in meetings). Tons more harware to maintain and tons more staff to pay. The interesting thing is that as people left to chase dreams elsewhere, the skills of the remaining staff diminished. They hired inexpensive people that knew a little about something and NOT a lot about anything. Instead of have a group of highly skilled people, we had 3 groups with 1 or 2 highly skilled people and the rest were bottom feeders. Their reputation got trashed with the developers so they didn't ask for help anymore. Instead of helping and planning, DBAs asked "do you want to biggie size that database?"
I know I probably missed something, but that idiot turned a highly skilled shop into a complete mess. If you have a good staff that is working efficiently and exceeding expectations, uptime... then don't mess with it! For some reason these guys think they have to come in, shake things up and leave "their" mark. They should stick with the stuff they do best like changing the division names from "IT" to "EIS" (enterprise information systems)....

I hope your place doesn't go down the same path.

my 2


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