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Re: External tables

From: Jonathan Lewis <>
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 00:26:47 -0800
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So if a couple of lines in the file acquired some dirty data (e.g. a tab character pushes a line out of position) there are two possible options -

  1. The query crashes because the external table definition does not allow bad data.
  2. The query returns the wrong answer because the external table definition allows for an unlimited number of errors, so the line is ignored.

Historically, your client may have had code to alert an administrator at load time, so that the data could be checked and cleaned before the user accessed it.

I've found a good use for external tables, so I have nothing against the concept per se - however, I do think it is important to throw a little cold water around when people suggest that an external table definition is a substitute for a sql load. In many cases the effect of the external table is to move the trivial part of the load into database.


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The client
> I'm referring to simply kept the same file name each time, and the overhead
> of loading the material went down from occurring every hour to occurring
> only when the table was queried. Of course, there's the issue that the
> overhead of the load now occurred at the time of the query, but for this
> particular customer that wasn't so much of a concern. >

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