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Re: data and index tablespaces for rman tspitr

From: AK <>
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 11:46:43 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Arup ,
Thanks for clarificaton . You are absolutely rite I got confused in trasnportable set . I just looked at values in view without running bms_tts.. package . I donno how oracle is populating this view ( tables ) or somebody did tts varification before in this db.



  Not at all! The index and data should be in different tablespaces to take advantage of disk location (or location on the platter, in case of SAN and RAID). However, I guess you have confused about what a transportable set is. A set is a collection of all tablespaces where the objects have all links inside that set. In case of a set of data and index tablespaces, you would issue

  exec dbms_tts.transport_set_check('TS_DATA,TS_INDEX',TRUE);

  Note how both the tablespaces have been enclosed within the quotes seprated by comma. I guess you must have used just one tablespace inside the quotes.

  HTH.   Arup Nanda

    I discovered that my ts_pitr_check table contains lots of rows with reason     "Table and Index enforcing primary key constraint not in same tablespace" . I know that for the tablespace to be transportable objects should be contained in same tablespace. But it is general practive to distribute data among different tablespaces and datafiles. Most of us keep diffrent tablespace for indexes and data .     What strategy you guys adapt to keep tablesapce trasnportable . Should we have all related objects in same tablespaces ? or u dont care ?


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