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ORA-01591 after client upgrade to Windows XP - weird

From: <>
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 11:21:44 -0800
Message-ID: <>

This is very strange. This week we started having multiple "ORA-01591: lock held by in-doubt distributed transaction" errors on the database. This prevented one of our major customer web functions from working (very bad :). It was easy enough to force a rollback but the problem recurred.

We've tracked down the source of the in-doubt transaction to an old Powerbuilder application which queries from this database across a database link to another database. It only does a select, no insert, update, delete. The web application also queries across that same link.

We see an exclusive lock present from the user but it is not on a table, it is holding the lock on a rollback segment.

Further investigation has shown that users of this Powerbuilder app had started receiving other errors at app. the same time that the web application started malfunctioning (the user who causes it doesn't see any errors from the in-doubt transaction). These occurred after their workstations were upgraded to XP.

I can't think of why an upgrade to XP would cause a query that has worked perfectly for the last 4 years to suddenly start causing in-doubt transactions. Has anyone experienced anything similar? The code for the web app hasn't changed since January, the code for the Powerbuilder app hasn't changed in at least 2 years.

In case it helps, this is the query being issued. It causes no errors if run from SQL Plus.

, min("ACT"."PREV_2_YEAR") "PREV_2_YEAR"
, min("ACT"."PREV_3_YEAR") "PREV_3_YEAR"
, min("ACT"."PREV_4_YEAR") "PREV_4_YEAR"
, min("ACT"."PREV_5_YEAR") "PREV_5_YEAR"

                ( "ACT"."ACCOUNT_ID" = 3353149 )
GROUP BY "TLS"."AS_OF_BUSINESS_DATE"; Primary database is
Remote database is
OS is Solaris 2.6

Our temporary solution has been to tell the user to stop working. The problem has not recurred since then.

Any other suggestions for tracing the problem? For a similar problem I saw in Metalink Oracle recommended setting
event = "1591 trace name errorstack level 10" but that will require restarting the database which is not a trivial thing to get permission for. I think my next step will be to run SQL Trace for the user and try to duplicate the problem but I'll welcome other ideas.

Jay Miller

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