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RE: Help !!! : Identical servers with V on NT4, Applicati

From: Arif Khan (GWL) <>
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 06:36:41 -0800
Message-ID: <>

A little more information based on the response I received.

I tested the performance on both the servers when there was no one other than me connected to the servers through a power builder application. Both the servers are connected to the same network and hence any network load (I assume) would have the same effect on both.

I have performed the test on both the servers several times with no one on before coming to the conclusion that the stand by returns data on screen in 18 seconds while the production returns data on the screen in 90 seconds

Are there any other files other than the data, log and ctl that may affect the performance in any way??? By the way, I am running Oracle in NOARCHIVELOG mode and I have recently built statistics (using Analyze Table) which resulted in bringing down the data retrieval on stand by to 12 seconds while production to 85 seconds... The mystery still exists

Appreciate any help
Arif Khan

Project Manager / DBA
Weston/Loblaw - Corporate Systems Department *(416) 922 1383 x 5291

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performance significantly different

Hello Every one

I have two identical dell servers with NT4 SP6. They are identical in every respect (i.e Hardware and software both). One is a production server another is a stand by. Every night we simply slap all .ora files (data, log & control) from production on to stand by (hence data spread wise, statistics, fragmentation etc..they are the same).

Now here's the problem:
When I run a power builder application that retreives data from Production server, it takes 1:30 (One minute and 30 seconds) to return entire data set. While the same on the stand by server gets returned in 18 seconds.

Can any of you shed light on where to look at???

Appreciate any help


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Author: Arif Khan (GWL)

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