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RE: Database performance monitoring tool for developers.

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Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2003 09:57:32 -0800
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This idea of budgeting IO sounds great. Though I've never worked on a mainframe, this seems like if may have come from mainframe software development.

Have you ever worked on an Oracle project on which IO was budgeted?

How did it work out?


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 04/16/2003 02:09 PM
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My $0.02...

Developers usually don't have access to a high-concurrency test environment
in which an expensive monitoring tool would make that much difference anyway. The most powerful tools I've seen?

  1. Performance specifications - Functional specs contain a budgeted number of LIO operations that the code is allowed to consume. A good rule of thumb is 10 LIOs per (non-aggregated) result set row per table. For example, a 4-way join returning one row gets a budget of no more than 40 LIOs.
  2. Profiling (tkprof, autotrace, etc.) - EVERY piece of code gets traced and run through a profiler. If a piece of code breaks its specified LIO budget, then it's not approved for check-in.
  3. Execution plan analysis (explain plan) - EVERY piece of code has its execution plan checked by a performance analyst. Execution plans are generated with PRODUCTION db statistics, not test db statistics.
  4. The Wall of Shame - Write inefficient code, and your code goes up on the Wall for everybody to see. People whose names appear continually on the Wall of Shame are not selected as candidates for reproduction.

Who is the referee in all this? The performance analyst. Some performance analysts are DBAs, some are developers, some are architects, and some are none of the above. It doesn't matter who takes on the role, as long as it's
someone competent and credible.

Cary Millsap
Hotsos Enterprises, Ltd.


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