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RE: Normalisaition (was Re: Large databases)

From: Orr, Steve <>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 08:31:42 -0800
Message-ID: <>

What we really need to do is normalize our denormalized language and make everything phonetic. That wud bee the rite thing tu du.

Anglo by heritage, American by culture, confused by nature... Steve

OK, done now.

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> > It's mathematical 100%.
> Hmmm... while set theory and its implementation are indeed
> mathematical, database design and application development
> should be a fine art unless you're not in your right mind, er
> uh, right brain.
> Math -> left brain, Art -> right brain, database design ->
> whole brain.
> It's said that males are predominately left brained and are
> therefore not in their right mind but I resemble that remark. ;-)
> Finally, how can you profess knowledge about normaliZation if
> you don't even know how to spell it? :-)

We'll be arranging an emergency aid drop of 'l's to the continental US so you can all start spelling your participles-of-words-originally-ending-in-l correctly, Steve. That way you can do your database modeLLing while you're traveLLing :-) We'll follow that up with a few gentle exercises on the '-our' suffix so you can honOUR us with your colOURful new spelling :-). And then ... oh bugger it ... then we'll just drink beer and no one will understand us anyway :-)

(Hmm - I reckon we kill this thread now ... one of those red flashing lights is blinking on my mental dashboard about starting flame-wars on spelling and grammar on the net)


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