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RE: Normalisaition (was Re: Large databases)

From: Orr, Steve <>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 06:47:06 -0800
Message-ID: <>

> It's mathematical 100%.

Hmmm... while set theory and its implementation are indeed mathematical, database design and application development should be a fine art unless you're not in your right mind, er uh, right brain.

Math -> left brain, Art -> right brain, database design -> whole brain.

It's said that males are predominately left brained and are therefore not in their right mind but I resemble that remark. ;-)

Finally, how can you profess knowledge about normaliZation if you don't even know how to spell it? :-)

Steve Orr, not so normalized DBA... looking for lost tuples.

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It's mathematical 100%.

When I've learned sql and relationnal theory we were resolving sql operations with mathematical statements.

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No !

Normalisation was developed as part of
relational theory.

Relational Theory was developed in a
mathematical way to reduce the mess
created by the ad hoc development of
suck it and see strategies that made
it labour-intensive to design, code and
modify systems for storing data.

Suggested reading:

    C.J.Date An introduction to Database Systems Vol. 1

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The Co-operative Oracle Users' FAQ

> I think the thing that maybe hasn't been stated is that
"normalization" of
> data was developed because.....
> storage space was extremely expensive. Eliminating redundant data
was THE
> driving factor in data modeling. In a typical system you could save
tens of
> thousands if not 100K if you could eliminate redundant data. Speed
> performance was not as important as data integrity and cost. In
> days...many "users" were not "users" until these systems were
created. They
> went from a paper world to a green screen and they rejoiced and said
it was
> good.

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