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RE: New Character set

From: Niall Litchfield <>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 13:19:09 -0800
Message-ID: <>

In addition to the other comments here's a gotcha that didn't annoy me at all, oh no. nope no annoyance here. We are about to move our main financial system to 9.2 from 8.1.7 and we run on a win32 platform. Now under 9.2 you really are encouraged to use the mswin32 character set whereas under 8i We8ISO9959P1 is the default. So I create the DB and import. I get the possible character set conversion warning but hey, the two are compatible so I ignore it. We test. We discover that we can generate invoices with in them. This is not a good thing. We halt testing. We recreate with appropriate character sets. We retest. Same problem. We 'prove' it isn't an issue in production by running invoices on our test box. Ah - we seem to have cedillas here as well and have been sending them out on invoices for the last 3 years. Testing resumes on a win32 character set a week late.

Bottom line if you do find you have a character set conversion problem on conversion - make sure it isn't due to bad data.

Bloody 'smart quotes'. Did I mention I was annoyed at all?

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Hi everyone,

     I have a base in US7ASCII and I need to convert it to an 8 bit ASCII set. We have a need to store things like a degree sign and other ASCII characters that are not in the US7ASCII set. What I was wondering is if there is a recommended 8 bit ASCII character set or should I just pick one? It is an Oracle 8 base on hp-ux 10.2. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance


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