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RE: Large databases

From: Lyndon Tiu <>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 11:19:43 -0800
Message-ID: <>

I always do this.

I tell people the difference between back-end and front-end. Oracle is more of a back-end database with very rich back-end functions.

Access is more front-end database(yes, Access is known to be a front-end to other databases) with a very rich user interface.

Either database is OK depending on the needs. Most users are only interested in what they see and when they see that Access has a really rich user interface, then they think it is THE database.

Same thing wehen developing a data drivern website. Most people think what they see on the website is the work that you did (Wow nice flashy colors!!). They do not know that the amount of work that goes in the rear(things that you do not see) makes up more than 80% (my experience) of the work.

Lyndon Tiu

Quoting April Wells <>:

> No, wait... read the whole statement. " I took an ACCESS course
> last year"
> Comparing that to People Soft, SAP, Oracle (my pet system) or any
> other one
> defies logic in itself. PLUS... this is exactly the kind of thing
> I know
> they teach at the local university, here in the Texas panhandle. I
> was
> working with the instructor of the undergrad database class (who
> taught that
> Access was a fully functional totally acceptable relational
> database,
> suitable for any corporation) and he asked me to install the Query
> By
> Example interface for Oracle... Oracle must have one, or else it
> isn't half
> the database that Access is because QBE is encouraged in Access.
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