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Re: DBA's that tune duhveloper's SQL

From: Joe Testa <>
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2003 17:18:53 -0800
Message-ID: <>


I'm at Safelite Corp and they're implementing Avaya stuff(CTI).

same stuff?


Burke, William F (Bill) wrote:

> It is really gonna depend on the shop. In some shops, adequate
> testing and qa databases are not available to accurately determine
> execution paths and tuning options. In these shops (like mine), I
> inherit what I get. They do the best they can with minimal development
> environments, but issues such as partitioning or any other advanced
> storage management or tuning is not even remotely considered. In
> particular if you have developers who are working in java, with some
> transport layer in-between, it actually makes it even more difficult
> for them. Years ago, as a developer, production NEVER had to tune or
> address code I/we sent in for migration. Today, the role/environment
> is changing and many of the best DBA's, also used to be developers so
> have a natural tendency towards tuning, and, may even enjoy it (I
> do). In short, if you're seeing the need/requirement to tune code
> after it's migrated to production, relying and utilizing best in breed
> tuning software for capture and lab tuning on the fly is essential.
> Personally, I trap the worst sql which ran during the day (only one)
> and focus on providing tuning help on that one as appropriate.
> Even as a production DBA, that's good practice, because in the best of
> circumstances, your database will mature and evolve and not look like
> what the developers coded against, so it becomes you're
> responsibility to handle maturity tuning as I call it. Not to mention
> being a good sql and code tuner will never hurt your resume' ;)
> Regards,
> Bill Burke
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> deborah,
> We usually perform,
> * SQL Tuning (at the express request of Development)
> * pl/sql tuning (ditto)
> * when we find spinner processes we do a voluntary code scan, give
> helpful suggestions to development. Development can say NO, but if
> we prove the benefits, they can't refuse (the later part of the
> rule is being worked out so it can be implemented soon).
> I don't suppose tuning is a responsibility is DBAs, development
> staff should do initial tuning, optimizing their code. DBAs
> usually get involved at later stages.
> But, doing investigative work shouldn't be new for you ... looking
> at your place of work 8:)
> Raj
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> *Subject:* DBA's that tune duhveloper's SQL
> We have a consultant doing some work at our site and he claims
> that in most shops the DBA's have the responsibility of tuning
> duhvelopers code. I find that hard to believe. I was
> wondering if maybe I am out of most of you also
> tune all your duhvelopers code??? I can see working together
> with them if there are issue but have the responsibility of
> tuning all developer code....EGAD when would I have time to
> be a DBA. ; )

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