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RE: DBA's that tune duhveloper's SQL

From: Burke, William F (Bill) <>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 11:29:07 -0800
Message-ID: <>

It is really gonna depend on the shop. In some shops, adequate testing and qa databases are not available to accurately determine execution paths and tuning options. In these shops (like mine), I inherit what I get. They do the best they can with minimal development environments, but issues such as partitioning or any other advanced storage management or tuning is not even remotely considered. In particular if you have developers who are working in java, with some transport layer in-between, it actually makes it even more difficult for them. Years ago, as a developer, production NEVER had to tune or address code I/we sent in for migration. Today, the role/environment is changing and many of the best DBA's, also used to be developers so have a natural tendency towards tuning, and, may even enjoy it (I do). In short, if you're seeing the need/requirement to tune code after it's migrated to production, relying and utilizing best in breed tuning software for capture and lab tuning on the fly is essential. Personally, I trap the worst sql which ran during the day (only one) and focus on providing tuning help on that one as appropriate.  

Even as a production DBA, that's good practice, because in the best of circumstances, your database will mature and evolve and not look like what the developers coded against, so it becomes you're responsibility to handle maturity tuning as I call it. Not to mention being a good sql and code tuner will never hurt your resume' ;)  

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Bill Burke
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We usually perform,  

I don't suppose tuning is a responsibility is DBAs, development staff should do initial tuning, optimizing their code. DBAs usually get involved at later stages.  

But, doing investigative work shouldn't be new for you ... looking at your place of work 8:)

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We have a consultant doing some work at our site and he claims that in most shops the DBA's have the responsibility of tuning duhvelopers code. I find that hard to believe. I was wondering if maybe I am out of most of you also tune all your duhvelopers code??? I can see working together with them if there are issue but have the responsibility of tuning all developer code....EGAD when would I have time to be a DBA. ; )  

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