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RE: OEM Events

From: Mark Leith <>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 01:53:41 -0800
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Given the list below, I would say that the real "performance killer" would be the "max_extents" check. This would of course depend upon the number of tables and indexes with your instances schemas, but I would never tell anybody to set that one collection on an interval of 5 minutes. Every 5 hours maybe.. Even better, how about an "Event" that checks for tables or indexes that can't throw 5 extents, or a percentage of extents allocated and check that every 6 hours? "Your mileage may vary"..

What you mention about the tablespace check seems odd to me as well.. I'm no expert on OEM events (maybe someone else can help on that side), but can't you create your own custom event, based upon a script that checks all tablespaces utilisation, and evaluate it on a row by row basis (per tablespace)? Again, if you monitor this by tablespace percentage, how about setting it to 90% full, and doing it on a less frequent basis. The key is in setting the "threshold" (the event trigger) to something that gives you a reasonable amount of time to fix the "problem" before it arises..

And the final thing to take note of, is that each database that you have will have it's own characteristics, there is really no hard "set in stone" guideline for monitoring frequencies. You as the DBA are there to apply the human logic, once getting a feel for how your individual databases grow or behave.

There are a number of example "Collections" that have been written for our own monitoring tool available from:

They are all SQL based, and have been built by users, or on request by users.. Maybe you can make use of them. :)

HTH Mark

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Is anyonw aware of performace issues related to setting too many OEM
( events ???

At the site that I am currently at, they have the following events set on all production databases. The frequenct for ALL these events is 5 minutes probe
For one thing I am noticing that OEM does not use bind variables (go figure !!!), so if there are a 100 sessions I see 100 statements with the only diff. being sid = ???? . Also if there are say a 100 tablespaces again, there are a 100 statements in the shared pool with the tablespace name being the only difference. In my mind , setting the above events at the frequency specified can cause performance problems, especially if it is a very active database. IS that accurate ?? If so, are there any notes / white papers about this.


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