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Re: WAFL a.k.a. RAID-4

From: Robert Eskridge <>
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 14:09:27 -0800
Message-ID: <>

WAFL isn't really RAID-4, but Netapp filers organize there file system using WAFL on top of RAID-4.

I've used NetApps for production databases since 1998 without a hitch, and have discussed it several times in this forum. I've seen several other people mention experimenting with Netapps, and I've wound up wondering if they were working with the same equipment and decided their environment must differ radically from ours. We have not seen a storage related problem on any of our databases.

We've got several of the older F720's serving nothing but datafiles to Oracle databases on Sun E450's. We use 3 100BaseT channels to connect, one is our primary LAN and two are back channels only for serving the datafiles. For all three LAN segments all devices connect to independent switches for each segment.

They have fit very well with our environment in terms of speed, flexibility, ease of use, and reliability. I look back at our decision to go with NetApp as one of the best decisions we ever made. Your mileage may vary.


D> We just had a joint pitch from Net Appliance and Oracle about the
D> marvels of WAFL, also known as RAID-4. Naturally it will offer
D> tremendous performance and make your kids get better grades, etc. I
D> looked at our archives and the last time this was discussed, there
D> didn't seem to be anyone that would confess to using Net Appliance
D> in production. But that was a while back, so I just wanted to check
D> again. Anybody using Net Appliance to support a production Oracle
D> database?


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