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RE: OT: Technician having to play politics

From: Stephane Faroult <>
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 2003 00:18:50 -0800
Message-ID: <>

>Dear Ann (hehe),
>Previous to this assignment I have been considered
>to be principled about
>technology but reasonable and pragmatic. At this
>assignment I was given a
>big send up and there were some real insecurities
>already in-place from
>people put into high-level IT jobs without any real
>IT experience. I was
>told to take a proactive role (at first) and I did
>but I feel that this has
>only caused more resentment - plus I am not the
>best e-mail writer in the
>universe and e-mail can lead to miscommunications.
>Now, I look back at the
>last 3 years and realize that unconsciously people
>hear me with a certain
>perspective - miss know-it-all, technical geek -B*.
> Outside of my job I am
>considered patient, team-playing, caretaker type.
>I realize that the one
>thing I need to do is use this opportunity to hone
>my personal skills and I
>am not a person to easily give-up (worked one place
>for 10 years, married
>high-school sweetheart, dedicated wife, mother,
>daughter of elderly
>parents). However, with a bad start and the last 3
>years of dodging more
>personal missiles then I can think of (including
>being personally insulted
>in meetings with users - something I would never do
>to another) I don't know
>what to do. The IT market is pretty stiff and
>right now I have 2 small
>children, a husband and elderly parents relying on
>me and my income.
>Sometimes I feel that what I am feeling could be
>somewhat due to the
>tightening market and insecure overall economy and
>the fact that this
>particular organization has not had a strong CIO
>for the last 7 years -
>leading to more emphasis on political positioning
>(wow - learning much more
>about politics then I ever wanted to know) and
>that I am not alone. This
>environment I have used to temper my standards and
>responses, got Oracle OCP
>after holding out for 8 years, heck considering to
>write a book on the IT
>government industry - kind of a parody in light of
>P.J. O'Rourke. Please
>understand that not everyone in this environment
>has these issues. In
>otherwords, I am not Schizophrenic feeling everyone
>is against me. However,
>this environment is not balanced and so the
>moderate, objective voices seem
>to get lost in the storm. So I am trying to find a
>way to turn this whole
>thing around - I believe there is one person
>especially who is at the heart
>of this. Others have reported this as so. I do
>not wish to cause this
>person any harm. I just want to turn this thing
>around without having to
>get another job. I would like to see a win-win.
>My dream is to work with
>other technical professionals to development
>products of lasting quality
>that really address business needs. I have
>something significant invested
>in the users here, the technology, the other
>technicians and management.
>Any ideas/advice?

Macchiavelli, "The Prince"
Sun Tzu, "The Art of War"
You can also search "36 stratagems" on the internet ...  


Stephane Faroult

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