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Re: dbshut script - why shutdown so much???

From: Connor McDonald <>
Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2003 18:58:37 -0800
Message-ID: <>

All this discussion on shutdown does motivate me to ask why is everyone shutting down so frequently?

Almost without exception my ideal for any oracle database is

  1. never shut it down
  2. if you really do need to shut it down, then use abort
  3. if you are not allowed to use abort, then use abort-startup-shutdown

Justification for (a):
Ever looked inside the buffer cache, library cache etc. Its the most complicated gobbledeegook you'll ever see...Very smart people with very little social skills probably wrote the code for that stuff...And who pays for those smart people? We do, in license fees. Shutting your db is like saying "Hey, I love paying that monster license, but I'm not planning on getting any of the benefits". Its like the classic "We shut down during quiet time"...In just about every db I've seen, the definition of "quiet" time (eg Sunday night) is the time just before the really busy time (eg Monday morning). So by shutting down, you get the least benefit from the various cache's when you need it most.

Justification for (b):
Worrying about abort is tantamount to having no confidence in your database to cope with power outages. If you are that low in your confidence of Oracle, then you would have never chosen the product in the first place.

Justification for (c):
There *are* some times when abort is not appropriate. Anything the might change the fundamental structure/usage of your redo logs is the key thing here. With 9i, there appears to be more and more ways of doing this (supplemental logging, log_parallelism), so a little care is required.


Connor McDonald

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