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Re: Sun HA Monitoring and Oracle 9

From: Scott Canaan <>
Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2003 09:54:45 -0800
Message-ID: <>


    This isn't an Oracle limitation. It's a Sun HA limitation. Oracle 9i will run on Sun Solaris HA 2.2, with no problem. We've installed it and built an instance and run it. The problem comes in when you want to HA monitor the database. HA 2.2 won't even run when it gets to the Oracle 9i instance. The problem is so bad that the program just exits as soon as it hits that instance, so it ends up not monitoring anything, not even the 8i instances.

    Our SA called Sun and was told that HA 2.2 only works with Oracle through 8i. If we want to use it with Oracle 9i, then we have to buy HA 3.0 (it's not an upgrade, they consider it a new product). They did say that HA 3.0 will support Oracle 8i and 9i, but nothing before Oracle 8i.  Unfortunately, the changeover means that we would have to do a complete rebuild of the Sun Cluster, which is not possible. We can't have that much downtime (about 1 week). If we get the funding, our plan is to buy 2 more Sun machines, build a 2-node cluster with HA 3.0, migrate the applications to that cluster, then bring 2 of the original Sun machines into that cluster, making it a 4-node cluster again.

Barbara Baker wrote:

>Scott (or anyone runing HA 2.2 wishing to upgrade to
>9i): I noticed you did not receive a response from
>this message a couple of months back.
>We're in same situation (Sun Cluster 2.2, wishing to
>upgrade to Oracle 9i). It's not clear from the Oracle
>certification matrix if this is supported. (Clearly
>not supported if you're running RAC, but we're not)
>We're not convinced we want to upgrade to Sun cluster
>3.0 (and certainly not clear we want to pay for it.)
>I'm wondering if there are others with this
>configuration, and if so what you decided to do.
>Thanks in advance for any information.
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>> Here's a little background. We are currently
>>running Oracle
>>,, and on a Sun cluster. We
>>use HA monitoring
>>for failover, in case there is a problem with any of
>>the nodes. The
>>version of HA is 2.2. We installed Oracle
>>on the cluster and
>>created a new database using it. When the SA tried
>>to start the HA
>>monitoring, it wouldn't run. We ended up recreating
>>the database in
>> When the SA contacted Sun, he was told
>>that HA version 2.2
>>only supports up to Oracle 8.1.7. In order to
>>monitor Oracle 9, we had
>>to buy (not upgrade to) HA 3.0, which would require
>>a rebuild of the
>>entire cluster.
>> Has anyone else run into this problem? If so,
>>what have you done to
>>get around it? Let me know if I forgot any
>>important piece of
>>Thank you.
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"Life is like a sewer, what you get out of it depends on what you put into it." - Tom Lehrer.

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