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Re: dbshut script - shutdown or shutdown immediate

From: Denny Koovakattu <>
Date: Thu, 03 Apr 2003 08:39:25 -0800
Message-ID: <>

  Using immediate or abort is a matter of personal preference. Use whichever option that works for you. But I would not agree that using shutdown abort is risky or should be avoided. (I don't know of any bugs with shutdown abort. There could be, but then a lot of other things also could go wrong. The bug with the UNDO tablespace with 9.0.1 for instance. Can we be sure something similar will not happen again ? So do we stop using that feature altogether ?) My personal preference is to use shutdown abort and I have been using it ever since I can remember. Never had any problems. If I want the database in a consistent state for whatever reason, then I would rather start it up again and shut it down. Most of the times the databases are not shutdown manually. The shutdown scripts get called when the box is going down and immediate or normal would not be the right choice in this scenario. Of course it would not be a lot different if we don't shutdown the databases when the box is going down ;) But if I have the startup script in place as well have the shutdown script too.

  I am not suggesting one option should be used instead of the other. Its a question of personal preference. The point I am trying to make is if the situation demands shutdown abort, then it doesn't make sense jumping through hoops not to use it.


Quoting "Daniel W. Fink" <>:

> Shutdown Immediate v. Shutdown abort (Tastes Great...Less Filling!)
> I'll admit to being in the Immediate camp. Why? I like the database to
> come down in a consistent state except in emergency circumstances. There
> have been bugs related to shutdown abort causing database problems.
> Do those in the Abort camp have valid reasons? Absolutely! Recovery is
> quicker and problems are extremely rare.
> I have a higher level of comfort in immediate. That is why I use it. Can
> I use abort/startup restrict/normal without incurring problems? Yes,
> except in rare cases. Almost certainly more rare than the times when the
> immediate takes longer than expected.
> I don't think this issue is one of black and white/right and wrong, but
> rather varying shades of gray.
> Okay, Connor...your turn!
> --
> Daniel W. Fink
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