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RE: How to prevent single point-of_failure with ONAMES

From: Jesse, Rich <>
Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2003 07:18:38 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Wierd. Our primary ONAMES server is 8.0.5 on OpenVMS, with the Region DB being on the same box. Our secondary ONAMES server is on WinTuke using the same Region DB as the primary (amazing that 9iR2 can still use an 8.0.5 Region DB). Yes, we are working on "upgrading" this config, despite it being extremely stable due to non-support by Oracle Corp.

One upon a time, a controller on the primary ONAMES / region DB server puked, causing the server to crash. While it was down, all Oracle Net connections eventually failed over to the secondary ONAMES server, which was indeed using the local checkpoint files for names resolution. It worked well with the only downside being that the clients had to wait for a TCP/IP timeout on the primary ONAMES server until it failed over to the secondary, but at least connections were able to be made.

So when your primary failed the secondary/tertiary failed, too??? You stated that they wouldn't start, as though they hadn't been running. If they hadn't been running, there's probably no local checkpoint files, which I would think would prevent them from starting successfully. Were there any error messages?


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Hi All,

Oracle Win 2000 ONAMES with region database

I have ONAMES repository on server1
I have 2 additional onames services on server2 and server3(no database/repository).

I received a NNO-50 serious errors in configuration data. I do not know how it happened but I had to truncate and reload nmo_master and the 3 onrs_* tables. However this error caused a single point-of-failure. None of the oname services on all 3 servers would start. I was under the impression under these circumstances that Oracle would use CHKP* files.

How can I prevent a single point-of-failure other than some type of hot standby?
Can I have 2 repositories? If so where can I get doc to set this up?


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