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9IAS connections to database not resolving

From: Steve McClure <>
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 11:56:54 -0800
Message-ID: <>

        About a month ago we had a small group of remote users that started using our 9IAS server to gain access to an online application. Previously these users were like the rest of our remote users using our 6i forms and reports servers. The group of users had to switch to 9ias because tunneling through their particular firewalls was not supported by Oracle's 6i forms and reports servers. Since the users have switched to 9ias I have had lots of trouble managing sessions.

        Every time a 9ias user prints a report(the sole purpose of the application actually) two database sessions are created. The sessions are not cleaned up. Eventually we either run out of available sessions(max_sessions) or our shared pool fills up. I already have a sqlnet.expire_time set in sqlnet.ora, and have implemented resouce_limit monitoring with an idle_time for our remote users. Neither of these have solved the problem. The reason being that sessions that are killed due to IDLE_TIME are 'sniped', and 'sniped' sessions are never cleaned up. They continue to exist, and consume resources. I have temporarily forced 9ias to connect via dedicated servers. This will allow me to clean up 'sniped' sessions by killing their server processes at the OS level.

        The above work around is the result of the notes Oracle Support provided. Unfortunately they have not been much help otherwise. Meaning they have not been able or willing to address the problem of 9ias creating the spurious sessions. Sorry for the long tale, but I am hoping someone else out there has run into this before. Our forms/reports configuration is way to generic for us to be the first ones to hit this.

Thanks in advance,
Steve McClure


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Author: Steve McClure

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