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Re: BCHR Tuning

From: Vladimir Begun <>
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 22:53:45 -0800
Message-ID: <>

1997, in Vejle, I had an interesting meeting with Bjørn Engsig about Sybase->Oracle migration. Denmark... small Great country. Nice, kind and friendly people who work diligently in peaceful atmosphere -- I love it.

Vladimir Begun
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Rachel Carmichael wrote:
> oh you tempter! I'd love to go back to Cophenhagen, Tivoli will be fun
> in May. If I get on a plane right after IOUGa and don't bother to stop
> and do laundry, I could make it. My boss would kill me though.
> I do plan on attending that presentation at IOUG. No way I can give up
> the chance to sit in the front and ask innocent questions.....
> --- Mogens_Nørgaard <> wrote:

>>Obviously, we don't know what we're talking about. I can see there's
>>presentation by Rich Niemich at IOUG-A where he'll address all those
>>idiots who are saying you should ignore the Cash Hit Ratio (and who
>>all just after making big money on their products - I loved that
>>Well, to be on the safe side he's also written a very bad article
>>even - amazingly - got the NAMES of the typical waits wrong) about
>>in Oracle Magasine. The editor can be excused. But what I truly love
>>the writing at the bottom of the article, with very small print,
>>stating: "Editing help: Steve Adams". Right. Steve would write that
>>of stuff and get the wait names wrong. Yep. As a consulting company
>>here at Miracle are delighted: We expect a lot of calls from
>>who cannot locate these events or find events that are not mentioned
>>the article. Heh-heh.
>>I love it. I'm just really sad I can't be at IOUG-A. Here's another
>>idea: Why don't you all come to my 42nd birthday, which we'll
>>on May 2nd (a Friday) here in Maaloev, Denmark? You're all welcome,
>>we'll find ways to let you sleep either in the Garage (our HQ) or my
>>house. Then we'll do some cool presentations in the afternoon and
>>celebrate in the evening.
>>Let me know when you planes land in Copenhagen airport and I'll pick
>>you up.
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