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Re: Protecting schema changes

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Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 13:35:05 -0800
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We faced a similar problem. We use change control to help manage this. The developers have the schema password in development , but not in UAT
(Certification) or Production. We create a run-time userid for their
application to use rather than logging in as the schema owner. The run-time userid has all of the necessary rights on the schema' objects, needed for the application. As for changes to the schema, we expect them to send us the DDLs after they have made any changes, with the understanding that if their is a problem we will send it back for corrections or correct the database object ourselves and tell them why the change was necessary. We distribute developer guidelines to them to follow concerning naming conventions, how to access the database , how to access the schema' objects properly, and to never , ever hard-code userids and passwords into their code, unless they wish to die a painful death.:) We also refuse to let them out of the development environment to the UAT environment until the necessary changes are done to correct any problems.

RWB Webber Valerie H <> on 01/10/2003 01:49:40 PM

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In a n-tier system that connects to the database with JDBC, how does a DBA keep developers from modifying the application schema without the DBA's consent or knowledge in a centralized development environment?

The developers can have their own personal database on their desktops to program/test with but we have a problem with them making changes to the main development database as the application schema owner. They know/have the application schema username/password since it is used to make the JDBC connections to the database from the app server.

Does anyone have links to defined change control processes that might help?

Thanks in advance!

Valerie H. Webber
Management Systems Designers, Inc
Database Administrator

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