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OT: Metalink patch searches rant

From: Murray, Margaret <>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 11:38:53 -0800
Message-ID: <>

I'm so frustrated that I had to rant to the list - my co-workers don't have much sympathy. I haven't been searching Metalink for patches in the last two weeks, but the new search functionality really sucks. When trying to search for Linux patches, I must put in "Linux Operating System Family" which promptly makes the ONLY release "RedHat Advanced Server 2.0". Not right when I want to search certified SuSE SLES7 (or even if I had RedHat, 2.0 is only certified on 9i, not 8i!). Must mean there are only patches for RedHat 2.0 on 9i? Yeah, right. Urrgh!
Plus, in the new Beta search, drop downs are a thing of the past - just about every field must be queried separately (those lovely pop-up windows), though supposedly the searches can be saved (haven't tried that yet, no reason to!). I'm sure there are tons of other limiting features to the new search, but I did get a huge laugh when I queried RDBMS 8.1.7 and got 500 patches returned (there are more but it only returned 500) - if you ever wanted an idea of how many patches are out there, there's a good indication. There's only 12 patchset/minipacks, though (lots of patches rolled into one, I guess).
I did notice the new Beta search doesn't have an easily found feedback button (it's back on page one), but I did fill out a long gripe to them :) Enough ranting, back to trying to get around the search engines (both newly-fixed-old and new-Beta-2.0) to find the patches I need. Margaret


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