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Re: Red Hat or Suse

From: Jan Pruner <>
Date: Mon, 04 Nov 2002 08:14:11 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Hmmm, I'm using SuSE on my servers more than 3 years and I've never used kernel from distribution and I hope nobody is using standard kernel on server. (SuSE standard kernel doesn't know ServerWorks chipset).
Software location in SuSE is very orderly organized, but other than in RH. I don't think this the way they urge you to use only SuSE. SuSE helpdesk is usable only if you need "shit of the day". But it is the same with RedHat, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM etc.  

But, I think, SuSE have closed the US office.


On Monday 04 November 2002 15:38, you wrote:
> There was a little squabble when RH tried promoting Postgres (a.k.a "Red
> Hat database")
> but after a retaliation from Oracle, Red Hat came to its senses. Suse was
> merely a tool
> in this squabble. It isn't big enough, software availability is so much
> worse then for RH and
> they are trying to lock people in SuSE distribution by putting software in
> unusual places.
> Relinking SuSE kernel was practically impossible, because of unexpected
> dependencies
> and kernel not returning the proper version string so that OSS was unable
> to recognize it.
> Need I say that SuSE Helpdesk was less then helpful? I ended up downloading
> the
> regular kernel from <> compiling
> it and ditching the SuSE kernel altogether.
> For Thanksgiving, I'll go back to RH, now that they are using standard GNU
> CC again.
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> I heard that Oracle is shifting it's priorities from Suse toward Red Hat.
> Yechiel Adar
> Mehish
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> Hello
> Red Hat advanced server or Suse Enterprise ?
> What is better with Oracle ?
> What is more recent (kernel 2.4.19, asynch I/O, big mem, etc) ?

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