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RE: Convert DM TSP to LM TSP w/ lots of data

From: Jesse, Rich <>
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 09:13:47 -0800
Message-ID: <>


We have just implemented Quest's LiveReorg, which I plan to use in our conversion to LMT. Does it completely eliminate downtime? No, but in our shop, I'll be able to do the conversion in "quiet" hours on weekends without the need to keep users completely off of the system (i.e. I don't need to schedule downtime). How applicable this is to other shops depends on how many users, how active they are and when, the nature of the system/data, etc. It just happens to fit very well for us at this point.

My $.02,


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> This is what we have in mind.
> For the partitioned tables that are going to have the
> 'rotation' logic,
> we will convert them to LMT when they become empty. We drop the
> 'oldest' partition and create a new one for next month. This will be
> carried out every month. Partition for November data is empty
> now and is
> being converted to use LMT as of this week; Next month we will do the
> same for December partition; This way, we would convert all our 5
> CALLDETAIL tablespaces to use LMT in 5 months time.
> Now, for other tablespaces that contain data and indexes, we need to
> decide whether we should create corresponding LMT tablespaces and move
> the existing objects to it or change them using the procedure that
> Oracle recommends; Some of these tablespaces are sized
> anywhere from 5Gb
> to 60Gb and we do not have much of freespace as buffer. Our database
> size is about 1.2 tera bytes. Also for this we might have to
> ask for a
> bigger maintenance window which will be hard to get. So we are toying
> up with the idea of converting them from DMT to LMT using 'in place'
> mechanism and rebuild the tables/indexes eventually as time permits.
> Obviously, we are not trying cause any outage knowingly. Hence these
> questions to the forum.
> Thanks,
> Govind

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