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9iAS install problem

From: Maria Quinn <>
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 04:03:30 -0800
Message-ID: <>

I'm sitting in front of a networked PC, running RedHat 7.2 and Oracle 9i I also have a networked Windows2000 box with Forms 6i on it, upon which I have managed to build a simple form on top of my 9i database, and run it client-server style.

My ultimate aim is to have an environment for developing and deploying forms using Form Builder, using 9iAS, over the web. I'd like to do my forms development on my windows box, but have the Application Server and database on the linux box.

Looking through the "Installed products" bit of the Oracle installer on my linux box, I note that the machine also has 9iAS Developer Kits installed.
My understanding is that I also need to install the following products : Oracle 9iAS Infrastructure
Oracle 9i Application Server

On attempting to install the Infrastructure, I got the following error:

"Oracle 9iAS installation has detected that the Enterprise Manager Website is running on the system. Install cannot continue unless the Enterprise Manager Website is shut down. To shut down the Enterprise Manager Website, at the command line, unset the ORACLE_HOME environment variable and run the command /u01/app/oracle/OraASHome/bin/emclt stop. After installation completes, please restart the Enterprise Manager Website using the command /u01/app/oracle/OraASHome/bin/emclt start."

So I unset the ORACLE_HOME, and stopped emclt (I bounced it couple of times, for good measure, and I think it stopped OK). I continued to get the same error. I even tried rebooting the machine, and not starting anything up at all. Same problem.

Now it's possible that I'm barking up the wrong tree - I'm a developer and this kind of work, has, in the past, been done by someone else. My experience of installing Oracle products is limited (and peppered with disappointment), and despite my willingness to RTFM, I often can't work figure out which FM to R. ;-) I've stated my overall aim at the top of this email - am I even close to achieving it?

Thanks in advance,


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Author: Maria Quinn

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