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Index Partitioning

From: Leonard, George <>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 12:38:25 -0800
Message-ID: <>

Hi all  

System is Siebel  

Ok I got a couple of tables about 6 GB big, up to 10 million rows.  

Some of the tables come out of the box with 30+ indexes, now for those not aware Siebel does not support the dropping of any indexes.  

I do though know what my indexes is that are hit the most and was thinking of partitioning them and or maybe the tables.  


If I was to partition only the table, Would I have to make any changes to the currently indexes other than rebuilding them.  

Second. Is it possible for to only partition a selected index. Here I keep on seeing local and global partitions - indexes. From what I can determine Global is bad news.  

How do I do local, what consideration are there.  

Some of the tables/indexes considered is orders, orderliness, shipments, shipments lines, all with well over 5 million records each.  

The queries is not date specific but more account or contact specific for the order if that's helps.  

I was considering partitioning on order_id but again it looks best to use hash partitioning since there is not real way of saying the queries will always go this way.  

Basically trying to reduce the work for Oracle to get to data. All my queries is already using the best possible index.  

Comment, suggestions  



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