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Re: Deploying a 6i Form to the web

From: Jared Still <>
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 19:38:23 -0800
Message-ID: <>


I've done it, so I know it's possible. :)

The learning curve on this can be fairly steep, as there's several pieces of technology that must be setup and working.

iAS needs to be configured. When I did this, it was with OAS. I hope it's become easier since then. Unix is easier to setup than windoze, at least I thought so.

The 6i forms must be compiled on the deployment platform, as the binaries are not compatible. You would think they would be, since they are not actually exe files, but they are not.

If the forms were written on Windows and deployed on unix, you will run into case problems. Names of called forms, etc, are case sensitive on unix.

After a fair bit of experimentation, you should be able to get the iAS portion configured to present a form in a browser.

This required a lot of research on MetaLink. I found many documents with conflicting instructions. Go for the newest notes you can find on MetaLink.

Make sure to use the proper version of jinitiator. I don't know which version that would be now, but you need to experiment with the different available versions that work with specific version of MS Explorer, then stick with that version of jinit, and the version of MS Explorer. I could never get this to work properly with Netscape.

Once you get the iAS config files setup to actually display a 6i Form on the web, document what you needed to do, consider ithem as prototypes and trash them.

Once you understand how the configuration works, you'll realize that the setup you created is unworkable. :)

Wish I could remember details, but this was about 2 years ago.


On Wednesday 23 October 2002 15:14, Fink, Dan wrote:
> One of our developers (not a duhveloper) has asked if I know how (step by
> step instructions) to deploy a 6i form to the web. He has only found
> theoretical info and needs more hands on info. I have no clue (unless it
> can be done using UNDO internal structures...)
> Any websites, books, presentations, etc. are greatly appreciated...
> Dan Fink

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